Patricia Jerotich Tschiltsch


Patricia combines her broad export expertise and industry knowledge with an in-depth understanding of international business. The basic seminar from the Weinakademie in Austria broadened her knowledge in Austrian wines. Additionally she holds an export oriented management degree.

Elizabeth Muringi Hartig


Elizabeth is very interested in Austrian culture, tradition and wine, Apart from this, she further extended her enthusiasm and attended  wine courses and not only did she excel on degustation challenges but proved to be among one of the right person to lead wine2africa. 

Our Story

Founded in 2014 by Patricia Tschiltsch, and later joined by Muringi Hartig. Wine2africa is a wine exporter based in Austria. We work with a network of distributors to connect wine lovers from Africa with great winemakers from Austria and their delicious wines.

We have tasted and carefully selected all the featured wines and the wineries are known to us personally.

We have developed quality wine supply and production channels, which incorporates over 15 growers. This results us to be capable of delivering Austrian wines that suit our client’s specifications and price points for particular market places.

Our belief is to understand exactly what our clients and buyers demand and deliver this, giving our customers the possibility to explore the magnificent and beautiful flavors of Austrian wines.

Our Philosophy

Our wines come from vintners that embrace traditional winemaking methods, who are working with a deep respect for terroir.

Forward Thinking

We’re looking for wines with attribute and a classifiable sense of place, wines that will mark the moment, from a weeknight dinner to an exceptional event.

Great wines

Wines that mix well with food, wines that are easygoing to drink, and where the first empty bottle leads easily to the second one.

Customer Support

We regularly visit our suppliers and intend to take trips to our international markets to support them with education, marketing and promotions.